Sadness is…

A broken knitting needle.


Hiya Hiya bamboo needle, after a sock

Almost brand-new too – I made it halfway through the first sock before it snapped. I was reminded of this tragedy when I found this while cleaning out my desk today.

This is the third or fourth sock needle I’ve broken.  Apparently I keep the needle in a death grip while knitting. No more non-metal sock needles for me.

Another sad thing? Frogging.

I had a brioche scarf project in my desk at work for the last year, something to knit during small breaks in the day and/or when I felt ready to explode and needed to calm down. Even though I could tell that the fabric was coming out too stiff for an enjoyable scarf I kept knitting. I also realized that it was sucking yarn like no tomorrow and would end up entirely too short.  Yet, I kept knitting it.  Why do we do things like that?

Anyway, I ripped the entire thing back.  A years’ worth of (admittedly on-and-off) knitting down the drain.  It’s especially fitting since I just recently packed up my office and left that job.

The scarf that wasn’t meant to be.

Sad, yet liberating.  There’s a lot one can do with two balls of Cascade 220!



Still knitting on the green cabled blanket.  Since it’s close to finished, it’s not easy to lug it out and work on it for a few minutes here and there.

Rather than pull out another knitting WIP, I got out my spindle, which has been empty and unused for a good nine or ten months.

But, a day later I’ve already got this:

First spinning of 2012 – this is what happens when I leave a spindle next to the computer.

I should say that I am a beginning novice spinner and hardly know what I’m doing. My spinning phase lasted about two months before moving and getting a job last year interfered. So, I’m immensely proud of this stuff!


Keeping Promises

It’s dangerous to knit for others, because not every non-knitter appreciates what goes into a hand-knitted item.  I only knit for close loved ones, and usually not by request – I decide to knit someone a hat/scarf/sweater, pick appropriate yarn and pattern, and go to town. I figure the person will appreciate the effort I made for them if they are so close, and I won’t be stuck knitting something I don’t want to knit and turning my hobby into an obligation.

Last year, though, my mom requested that I knit a blanket.  How can I say no to the woman who not only gave birth to me, but also proudly wore my first crocheted hat to work for an entire winter?

So I showed her some patterns on Ravelry and took her to the craft store to pick some yarn. She picked Alexi Throw as the pattern and we picked up some acrylic yarn at one of the local craft stores.

I made decent progress for a couple months when I was marginally employed and single, but then life happened and I didn’t pick it up for months.

This week the guilt finally got to me and I put all other knitting projects away.  Looking at my Rav page I realized that it’s been fourteen months since I started this damn thing. It’s about time to make good on the promise I made.

Here’s my progress so far:

Alexi Blanket for Mom

I got a good inch in during our quasi-weekly Dungeons and Dragons session today. Multitasking recreational activities – yes I am a product of the 21st century!

As an aside, reviving the blogging habit is a promise I made to myself awhile back, I’ve been sitting on this wordpress account for weeks and finally forced myself to post.  I am going to try to blog frequently for the next month or so to form the habit.