A bit of blog silence lately, but the end of summer is all about tying up loose ends and starting things fresh for academics (I’m just realizing how much this is at odds with nature), so let me do that here.

For the Ravellenic Games I knit two hats.

I love the color of this yarn and one skein of it was enough for this hat.  It’s way too big in circumference and less floppy than the designer probably intended, but I think I’ll wear it a lot this fall.  Anna Karenina in Cascade Venezia Worsted.

I also finally knit a Quincy hat.  The yarn and pattern have both been in my knitting basket for months, and seeing as it has a Mobius band in it and I’m a math teacher I kinda had to knit it. It was fun and super fast to knit, though if I knit this again I’ll make the hat a little taller by making the Mobius band wider.  The yarn surprised me – I wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I do.  Quincy hat in KnitPicks Cadena

Certainly not a huge output by Ravellenic standards, but it’s a lot more than I would have accomplished otherwise.  And finishing some quick progress inspired me to attack some of the projects that have been collecting cobwebs in the knitting basket. Hopefully more FO posts in the near future!


FO – Green Monster Blanket

After almost a year and a half, I finally finished knitting this green acrylic cabled blanket.

Here’s the front,


and the back.

I previously blogged about it here here and here, and here‘s the Rav page for it.

Now, to start a second blanket in the same yarn. Um, I think I’ll wait until after the Ravellenic Games are over for that!  And probably pick a much easier pattern, preferably involving miles of garter stitch.

*That* yarn

A recent post over at Dull Roar about a skein that’s been in her stash forever got me thinking about a couple yarns filling that same role in my stash.  I have one ball that even looks similar to hers, though I believe it is Berocco something.

unloved mystery yarn

I have started projects once or twice with this yarn, but it’s always been that awkward ball that is overlooked for a more suitable colleague.  I kick myself for keeping it – there have been times in my life when space was a super premium and I wasted some of it on this yarn that I will probably never knit.

I’m not exactly sure when I got this stuff but I believe that since I have purchased this yarn:

-I finalized a divorce, and my ex-husband has remarried and they are now preggo with baby number two

-I finished my PhD

-I have lived in six different apartments and moved back in with mom twice

-That includes moving to Singapore and back

-I’ve been in three living-together-serious relationships (third time’s a charm right? fingers crossed)

-Facebook became a thing (can’t recall how I kept up with people back then haha!)

I’m working on stash reduction this year, so maybe this poor ball of yarn will finally get its day in the sun.  But probably not. I can romanticize its plight but I still don’t like it that much.