New Year

It’s New Year’s eve and I have actually finished knitting something!

IMG_3421IMG_3427  IMG_3423 IMG_3428  IMG_3413

A pair of fingerless mitts, a Christmas gift for my sister.  Love this yarn, used no pattern, details on Ravelry. I had quite a bit of trouble with binding off.  In the end, after several tries, I ended up using the trusty “standard” bind-off on the thumbs, and a sewn bind-off on the finger area.  I used the directions on Wendy’s sock book for the sewn bind-off. I left these with my mom, since she will see my sister before I will, but hopefully I’ll get some pics of her wearing them at some point.

I have another FO, soaking now, and it feels great to end the year with a sense of completion.  Please don’t remind me of the many more uncompleted things I’m carrying with me into January.

My crafty goals for 2013 are to have a net reduction in stash (yarn in < yarn out), learn to spin on a wheel, and to start knitting holiday gifts this month.  I managed only those fingerless mitts for Christmas this year, and even they were late. How lame!