Fixing a Spindle

My workhorse spindle (it’s a Greensleeves Bare Bones or Bare Bonesie, I can’t remember) is showing signs of wear. It has a hook on the top, and the hook has been loose lately, turning around when I try to load or unload wool on it.  I recently emptied  the spindle by actually finishing a spinning project, and just in time too, because with a small bit of pressure I was able to do this:


I went to my best source of fibery info – Ravelry – and found this old thread.  Following the suggestions there, I bought some Gorilla Glue and fixed my spindle!  Feeling so accomplished.


I’m already spinning a new batch of singles on this trusty spindle.  I’ve joined both a stash reduction group and a “spin X skeins of yarn in 2013” group (for me, X = 12) in Ravelry.


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