No end in sight


I just checked my Ravelry page and I have been working on this Nuvem wrap for over a year.  It has been an active WIP that whole time, and it is stockinette in laceweight yarn. The pattern is written in terms of percentages and you make a ruffle when there is 20% of the yarn left – for this project that’s 40g.

I swear on all things wooly, the other day I had 106g left to knit, I sat down with this thing for about an hour and a half and when I weighed it again, 109g.  What have I done to offend the knitting gods this time?


Loneliness? Huh?

The Yarn Harlot’s post today is about being alone in the house and using loneliness as a positive force.

It’s funny how relevant that post is to me today – my boyfriend left for a three-month workshop over the weekend and I find myself alone in our apartment for the first time since we moved in together.

In the past year that we’ve shared a place, we’ve inadvertently picked up some bad habits and/or amplified preexisting ones.  For example, we ended up eating out way too much because as long as either one of us suggested a restaurant we ditched the kitchen and went out. So we vowed to make this time apart helpful and effective for us.  We are both supposed to be creating new, healthy and productive habits while we are apart so that we can start fresh when he gets home.

But in the five days since he’s left, the apartment is still messy, I haven’t worked out, my to-do list is probably even longer than it was, all my knitting and spinning WIPs are still half done, and I still spent my pocket money on chocolate.  I was really trying to save that for, I don’t know, vegetables or charity or something.

Please don’t laugh, but I think I didn’t realize that I was going to feel lonely when he was gone.  I was so looking forward to having the apartment to myself that I didn’t take into account that an empty apartment means that bf isn’t there.

Having travelled across continents by myself I feel rather silly feeling alone in my own hometown, but there it is.

So today, one step at a time toward efficient, happy, productive bad-assedness. I’m updating the blog and have eaten a healthy breakfast and lunch.  Maybe I’ll clean my apartment tomorrow. Huzzah!