No end in sight


I just checked my Ravelry page and I have been working on this Nuvem wrap for over a year.  It has been an active WIP that whole time, and it is stockinette in laceweight yarn. The pattern is written in terms of percentages and you make a ruffle when there is 20% of the yarn left – for this project that’s 40g.

I swear on all things wooly, the other day I had 106g left to knit, I sat down with this thing for about an hour and a half and when I weighed it again, 109g.  What have I done to offend the knitting gods this time?


Break Time!


Instead of smoke breaks, I take knit breaks. Much better for health. And, after a while I have a new pair of socks.

Non-Emergency Knitting

When I count my blessings, I include my partner’s delight in my hobbies.  He doesn’t do anything crafty himself, but he loves that I do, and he’s interested enough that I’m secretly worried that one day I’ll come home and find him casting on with my best sock yarn hehehe.

A couple years ago I knit him a hat for Christmas.  It’s one of his prized possessions, he wears it every day in the winter, and the first winter he had it, he annoyed all our colleagues by showing it off and saying how awesome it was that I made it for him. (Like I said, counting my blessing with this one.)

the beloved hat, when it was new and shiny

I used Cascade 220 and by now, after two winters of hard use, it’s a bit pilly and I told my man that it was time for me to knit him a new hat.  He told me I could go ahead and do so, but he would still wear the original so he didn’t see a point in my effort. Ok, that’s one thing off my to-do list I suppose.

So, you can imagine how much he freaked out when he lost his hat last week. Besides the emotional trauma, it was quite cold for Cincinnati and we walk about 1.3 miles to work each day.

As soon as we were sure that the hat was indeed lost, I entered Emergency Knitting Mode and got to work on a replacement with bulky yarn I had in the stash, using the same pattern as the original.  I put things on the back burner that probably should have been on the dinner table already to make progress – it’s a brioche pattern, so even this bulky knit was slow going.


And then of course, he found his hat slipped behind some furniture at work where it didn’t really make sense for a hat to be.

Now there’s this half-knit hat lying around, that I don’t love enough to finish but don’t hate enough to frog. Now that it’s not Emergency Knitting, I don’t have any passion for this project at all. What to do?

I voted today!

And I’m knitting with my first (project quantity) of handspun!


And I’m posting from my mobile device for the first time!

It’s a day of accomplishment here in my corner of the world.

WIP: Nuvem Wrap

This mass of copper-colored yarn is going to be a Nuvem.

A hexagonal wrap, knit in the round, miles and miles of stockinette, in laceweight yarn.  Let’s just say I’m going to be working on this one for a while.  It survived the reckoning with my WIP basket because I’m enjoying the knitting, it’s mindless stockinette, and I know I will use the crap out of it when it’s done.

I’m using Knitpicks interchangeable needles for this project.  My opinion of the knitpicks needles is not as high as it used to be, but I can say one good thing about them: since they are affordable,  I have a full set of wood tips and also a number of metal tips purchased individually.  Which allows me to do this:

I like the feel of the wood needles and the “grabbines” of the wood prevents the stitches from sliding off the right needle when I put the project down.  But in a project of all knit stitches and trying to be speedy, the slick metal surface on the left needle helps things along.

I started with about 200 g of yarn, and after six months of on-and-off knitting I’m down to 150 g. Sigh.

A Reckoning

It was time to get real with myself.

These days, my job is overwhelming and I have precious little time to spend on hobbies.  I found myself knitting less and less and I came to realize that it was time to give my knitting basket a makeover.  It was full of projects I simply didn’t enjoy, but I felt obligated to finish.

A hobby should not feel like an obligation. I either had to stop knitting or get over my hangups about finishing what I start.  So I emptied out all my WIPs in one place,

And ruthlessly cut out the things that weren’t making me happy.

I frogged dozens of hours worth of knitting. My ball winder got a workout and it felt good! This was a few days ago and since then my knitting mojo has returned in full force.

I’m planning to revive this blog along with my knitting and spinning, so I’m going to try to post every day for a month to get in the habit of blogging. (Why? well, many blogs I follow have been revived this way when things get quiet.) So, over this week I’ll talk about the projects you see above along with new ones to replace the projects that got frogged.

Yee haw!

Weekly WIPs

A day off and an audiobook, and I am soo close to finishing this green blanket.

The green monster, six of seven repeats finished.

Also, in preparation of Tour de Fleece, I’ve reached a stopping point on the spinning projects I’ve been working on.

Plied yarn and singles, Coopworth fiber.

On the big spindle is three-ply yarn ready to be finished when I get home, and the smaller spindle is as full of singles as I wanted to make it.  I’ll wind the singles off of it this week so I can start my TdF project on Saturday.

For anyone else out there looking to start spinning, I’ve been learning from Respect the Spindle (and the author Abby Franquemont’s youtube videos) and Spinning the Old Way (apparently only available as an ebook). I would recommend both of them.