I bought a spinning wheel!

Pic-free post because I didn’t think to take pictures today, but…

I drove down to Frankfort, KY to The Woolery take an intro to spinning class and pick a wheel.  I was surprised that the wheel I fell in love with was the Lendrum, because the thing looks too mod and silly to me.  But of the five or six wheels I treadled on, it was very clearly my favorite.

The class was great.  Since I already know how to spin on a spindle, the first hour of class wasn’t entirely necessary but it was good to spin with an experienced spindler right there to help me with the nagging issues I’ve been having. The instructor Nancy was incredibly helpful, and I’ll be going back for her intermediate spinning class at some point.

They didn’t have the Lendrum wheel in stock (which was probably a good thing – I had other things to do today when I got home!) but I should get one in my grubby little hands in a couple weeks.

So Excited!


Fixing a Spindle

My workhorse spindle (it’s a Greensleeves Bare Bones or Bare Bonesie, I can’t remember) is showing signs of wear. It has a hook on the top, and the hook has been loose lately, turning around when I try to load or unload wool on it.  I recently emptied  the spindle by actually finishing a spinning project, and just in time too, because with a small bit of pressure I was able to do this:


I went to my best source of fibery info – Ravelry – and found this old thread.  Following the suggestions there, I bought some Gorilla Glue and fixed my spindle!  Feeling so accomplished.


I’m already spinning a new batch of singles on this trusty spindle.  I’ve joined both a stash reduction group and a “spin X skeins of yarn in 2013” group (for me, X = 12) in Ravelry.

Plying and a Turkish Spindle

I can’t believe I will actually achieve my Tour de Fleece goal.  I was intending to spin and ply this bluish merino/silk roving, my first time spinning dyed fiber.   About a week ago I got the singles spun

Merino/Silk singles

which filled all available surfaces for holding yarn at my disposal.  (I’m working out of state for the summer, and this is what I brought.) Clearly I just had to order another spindle, so I thought I’d give a turkish spindle a try

Ashford Turkish Spindle

I used the spindle as a ball winder first, to make a plying ball. Here’s the plying ball and the leftovers:

3 singles wound together, using the turkish spindle as a ball winder

leftover singles, as all were not the same length

I was wary of taking this ball/cop off the spindle, but ta-da!

I’m plying now, and haven’t had any trouble with the funny-shaped center pull ball that the spindle formed.  The turkish spindle is much bigger than my others, so the plying is going well and I should be able to fit all the yarn in one big cop (since it fit as a plying ball it should fit at yarn). By end of day tomorrow I will have this done!

3-plying on the turkish spindle

Weekly WIPs

A day off and an audiobook, and I am soo close to finishing this green blanket.

The green monster, six of seven repeats finished.

Also, in preparation of Tour de Fleece, I’ve reached a stopping point on the spinning projects I’ve been working on.

Plied yarn and singles, Coopworth fiber.

On the big spindle is three-ply yarn ready to be finished when I get home, and the smaller spindle is as full of singles as I wanted to make it.  I’ll wind the singles off of it this week so I can start my TdF project on Saturday.

For anyone else out there looking to start spinning, I’ve been learning from Respect the Spindle (and the author Abby Franquemont’s youtube videos) and Spinning the Old Way (apparently only available as an ebook). I would recommend both of them.